Winter fashion for the Williamsburg hipster

One ingenious Brooklyn inventor came up with this rather fashion-forward way of beating the cold weather, in an article which ran in a 1876 issue of Scientific American magazine. This “patented…neck, ear, and throat protector” will keep those extremities toasty while allowing “free use of a hat or cap.” Oh, to have seen an actual picture of this thing.

Somebody call American Apparel or Brooklyn Industries; I think this idea could really fly today. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

Image courtesy the New York Public Library

  • Been enjoying your blog for several months now and finally took the time to write and let you know.

    I’ve been posting daily for the past 6 months but still feel very new at this, and keep tweaking the layout, working on the writing, and trying to find my way.

    Question: do you have any idea how much time you put into creating each post?

    Once I get the topic idea, putting it all together seems to take forever! Granted it has gotten easier the more I keep doing it, but it seems like it shouldn’t take so long.

    I guess there are really no hard an fast rules in the blog world, but I really enjoy what you do and wondered how you regulated your life around blogging.

    It’s a lot to ask, but if you have the time, I’d appreciate any input, and if you have a second, check out the blog