‘Copper’ aka Five Points, the TV show

I’ve been traveling the last few days and haven’t been able to get a blog posting up about the season finale of ‘Mad Men’, but I promise one within the next couple days.

 In the meantime, another television show will take on New York City history later this summer. ‘Copper‘ is a ten-part British production making its debut in August, detailing the adventures of an Irish cop in mid-19th century Manhattan. Now, I’ve been dreaming of somebody making a Five Points television show literally for years. Although personally I was hoping for a ‘Boss-Tweed-meets-Boardwalk Empire’-type show, this will have to do for now.


 So what do you think? There’s one brief shot of what appears to be Paradise Square, and there’s definite mention of Cow Bay (considered the most dangerous section of Five Points). But the rest of it just looks like the set of an standard western. Fingers crossed for a tense and well-researched new drama this summer. You know I’ll be all over this.

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