Autumn attire : Get a Bowery Boys T-Shirt!

Here’s your new look for the fall! Proclaim your love of New York history and the Bowery Boys podcast and blog with these two new exclusive T-shirts.  

The gold-on-black model is called The Boss Tweed, great for either a night out on the town at Delmonico’s or an all-nighter at a Five Points stale beer dive.  

The red-on-white model is called The Stuyvesant, perfect for any budding director-general looking for something fashionable to wear to the beach, gym or rowdy Dutch port town.  

The shirts are $20 apiece (XL and larger $25) plus shipping.  You can purchase them here: the official Bowery Boys Shopify store.

This pricing is for a limited time only so buy shirts for you and your gang today!  All profits go back into the improvement of the podcast and blog, so you’ll even be helping make our show better than ever.  In a few months we hope to have a couple more items to choose from.

TO NEW YORKERS: The shirts are being shipped from outside New York from Texas which explains the shipping price. We would appreciate any suggestions about how to get them made more cheaply here for locals. Email us and let us know.

Thanks for shopping and supporting the Bowery Boys! We tip our hat to you.

NOTE: The Boss Tweed is unisex while the Stuyvesant is in both unisex and women’s sizes.

Shirts and logo designed by Thomas Cabus.  Thanks to Shahar Shamir for modeling.