Mysteries of the New York Street Grid at Museum of the City of New York

One of the best shows at the Museum of the City of New York in recent years was their excellent show from 2011 called The Greatest Grid, putting a spotlight on the invention of the Commissioners Plan of 1811, the visionary map which gave modern New  York its streets and avenues.

I loved that show but there’s more to the story! In a few weeks I’ll have a review of Gerard Koeppel’s City On A Grid: How New York Became New York, an epic take on the growing city’s risky gambit and the tale of John Randel Jr., the surveyor tasked with remaking the city, acre by acre.

On November 10, at 6:30pm, Koeppel will be at the Museum of the City of New York in conversation with Hilary Ballon, the curator of 2011’s The Greatest Grid. This is literally mega New York City history meeting of the minds!

And for Bowery Boys readers and listeners — a special offer! Buy your tickets now using the discount code MCBC1 for $10 tickets (regularly $16). Go directly to the museum’s website here to to get your tickets and find other information about the museum.