The Bowery Boys Live in Brooklyn! Celebrating Ten Years of Podcasting

PODCAST The Bowery Boys podcast turns ten years old in June. Greg and Tom take the celebration to the Bell House for a live show.

In early June of 2007, Tom Meyers and Greg Young sat around a laptop and a karaoke microphone, looked out over Canal Street in the Lower East Side and began recording the very first Bowery Boys: New York City History Podcast.

For ten years the Bowery Boys podcast has brought the history of this extraordinary city to life — the people, places and events which have helped shape our modern metropolis.

In celebration of this anniversary, join them for their very first podcast event in front of a live audience as a part of the 2017 NYC Podfest festival. This show was recorded on April 9, 2017, at the Bell House, in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

They talk about how they met, how they came up with the idea for their show and run through a list of their favorite and most notable podcasts.

The Bowery Boys are joined by moderator Nat Towsen, host of the Nat Towsen Downtown Variety Hour every month at UCB Theater in the East Village. And stay tuned until the end! An unexpected guest arrives to present the Bowery Boys with a special gift.

FEATURING: Stories of Eartha Kitt, Boss Tweed, ABBA, Evelyn Nesbit, P. T. Barnum, Talulah Bankhead, Donald Trump, Varla Jean Merman, the musical Rent and, of course, Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs.

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Our big big thanks to NYC Podfest, to the Bell House and to Julie Menin, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment!

NOTES:  The Revolutionary War site that Greg mentions is being excavated will be built over by a school, not a condo.  Here’s more on that story.

You can catch the newest installment of Nat Towson’s Downtown Variety Hour on June 5 at UCBT East Village


Nat Towson with Greg Young and Tom Meyers. Photo is by Mindy Tucker who took a whole host of images from NYC Podfest. Check them all out here.

Our special surprise is revealed before our show starts….

Photo by Mitch Paluszek

For listeners: Here are some of the visuals that were used during the live show  and the Bowery Boys podcasts they correspond to:

Collect Pond (Episode #50)


P.T. Barnum’s American Museum (Episode #46)


Ghost Stories of New York (complete list here)


Great Fire of 1835 (Episode #78)

Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall (Episode #86)

New York City Subway (Episode #109)

Shorpy/Library of Congress

Sardi’s Restaurant (Episode #125)

Life Magazine

Rockaway Beach (Episode #140)

A Snapshot of Hurricane Sandy, Nov. 2, 2012

The Murder of Stanford White (Episode #188)

Library of Congress

The Disappearance of Dorothy Arnold (Episode #205)


West Side Story: the Making of Lincoln Center (Episode #218)

Museum of the City of New York

Robert Moses (Episode #100) and Jane Jacobs (Episode #200)

A Short History of TRUMP (Episode #123)

And don’t forget to listen to the podcast episode we did on the great city of Brooklyn, where we talk about the rich and often overlooked history of the city.