The Bowery Boys’ live AMA, Thursday, March 22. Wanna ask us a question? Now’s your chance!

Greg Young of the Bowery Boys podcast will be live on the podcast website WhatPods in a special AMA, this Thursday, March 22, starting at 4:30pm ET for one and a half hours to answer as many questions as possible.

Have any questions for the Bowery Boys? (Greg’s answering on behalf of Tom too.) Check in on WhatPods this Thursday to follow along with the question-and-answer session.

You can feel free to start asking Greg questions any time in the lead-up to the AMA. You can ask now! Visit the website here and leave your question.

Ask whatever you want — about the podcast (or podcasting, generally speaking), about Greg and Tom, about New York City.

That’s Thursday, March 22 at 4:30 pm at WhatPods, a new podcast curation site. (More info about WhatPods here.)


Have a question? Leave it here and Greg will answer it on Thursday.

The picture above is from the original sheet music to the song “What Will The Answer Be?” by Mark Bennett and Albert L. Rich


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