The PBS special ’10 Streets That Changed America’ features two famous New York City roadways

Did you happen to catch a wonderful new PBS special last week called 10 Streets That Changed America? It details ten roadways in the United States which influenced the way Americans walk, drive and, generally speaking, interact with one another.

I’ve been away on vacation and didn’t get to write about it before last week’s broadcast. But the show is available on PBS streaming platforms and check your local listings for further broadcasts.

Two entries on this list will interest New Yorkers. By the strangest coincidence yet, the first entry on their list is Broadway, which just happens to be the subject of the newest Bowery Boys podcast! In fact, quite by accident, the show and our podcast make fine companions to one another. The PBS clip below features Michelle Young from Untapped Cities


Museum of the CIty of New York

The other New York City entry on the list is Eastern Parkway, the visionary path designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux that invented the modern parkway.  We should definitely do a podcast specifically on New York’s great parkways (Robert Moses certainly loved them), but we did mention the history of this street in our show on Prospect Park.

And finally, one further historic street on their list has also been featured in one of our podcasts. The Lincoln Highway, the first cross-country road, was explored in an episode of The First: Stories of Inventions and their Consequences.