‘Taxi Driver’ from 42nd Street to the East Village — Bowery Boys Movie Club, Episode One

Welcome to the Bowery Boys Movie Club, an exclusive podcast for Patreon supporters where Tom and Greg discuss classic New York City films from a historical perspective. We’ll be revisiting some true cinematic classics with this monthly show and sprinkling our recaps with trivia, local details and personal insight (and lots of spoilers of course!).

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In our inaugural program, we’ll be taking a trip to Times Square in the 1970s (not to mention Columbus Circle, the East Village and even the Brooklyn Promenade) in Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece Taxi Driver.

How does the director use New York’s unique geography to tell his story and categorize his three main characters? What does this film have to say about New York City in the 1970s? And how much has the city changed since Robert De NiroCybill Sheperd, and Jodie Foster starred in this grim, noir-ish thriller?

FEATURING: Diners, cafeterias, porn theaters and old elevated highways!

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Images courtesy Columbia Pictures