Listen to interviews with the Bowery Boys … on other people’s podcasts!

Want to hear more from Greg Young and Tom Meyers but can’t wait until this Friday? They’ve been visiting the studios of other podcasters in recent weeks, sharing their thoughts and personal stories of New York City.  You can find all these podcasts on iTunes, SoundCloud or other your favorite podcast aggregator.

There’s something for everyone!

If you want to figure out why people podcast (or why you might want to get into podcasting):

Check out Greg’s interview with Corey Cambridge on Corey’s new show Other People’s Podcast. (You may know Cambridge from his other show Silent Giants.) We cover a lot ground about my early beginnings, the early days of the Bowery Boys and Greg also share some of his favorite podcasts. Follow @otherpeoplespodcast on Twitter and hit the link in the bio to listen now.” Stream or download it here.


If you like Sex and the City and 1990s New York City:


Check out the Bradshaw Boys, three guys (Cory Cavin, Jon Sieber and Kevin James Doyle) who are making their way through the entire series of Sex and the City, one episode at a time.

The Boys talk with Greg Young of the Bowery Boys podcast about the ever changing nature of NYC, how great Valerie Harper is and Jason Bateman‘s early career, and the SATC second coming of .


If you like discovering new podcasts:


For this episode, Bowery Boys podcast host Greg Young joins Lainey Mays, Lucie Scott and Alex Hightower, hosts of this podcast-discovery show just getting started on its second season.

He shares how he started his show with Tom, the podcast’s successes and challenges, his favorite pods, and even some advice for listeners who want to start their own podcasts.



If you like a window into a classic New York landmark:


And finally, both Tom and Greg visit the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park to discuss their podcast journey together.


And finally Greg was also interviewed for the blog Mr. NYC about his experiences with the show and his thoughts on the current state of New York City culture. An excerpt:

What are some of your favorite pieces of NYC historical trivia — and what things about the city’s history do you think are important for anyone who lives here to know? 

I’m currently obsessed with the origins of place names. Find an interestingly names street and go down a rabbit hole of how it got its name. For instance, there are a row of streets in Greenpoint that are alphabetical north to south (Ash Street, Box Street, Clay Street etc.) and its all to do with the 19th century industry that once lined the waterfront there.”
Read more at Mr. NYC


Picture above: Recording a radio play. The Netherlands, [1949]. Courtesy Nationaal Archief