Queens 1935: now where did I park my car?

Suburban living in Queens, circa 1935 (photo courtesy LIFE images)

By the way, thanks to all that came out to our New York History Trivia night on Monday. It was a fabulous turnout! A lot of history buffs came out tried out there knowledge on some really tough questions. The Municipal Art Society website has some more information on the results.

I’ll be back updating the blog with a regular post on Friday.

2 replies on “Queens 1935: now where did I park my car?”

I’d love to know where this is in Queens. This looks just like the neighborhood I grew up in, and any one of those houses could have been the house my parents bought in the 50s. Every detail – from the number of windows to the position of the chimneys, is identical… which is the point of the comment.

So wonderful. Thanks for the image!

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