History in the Making: Jim Carroll Edition

New York 1981: Jim Carroll (middle right) with punk stars Dave Treganna, Dave Parsons, and Stiv Bators of The Wanderers. (Picture courtesy punk turns 30)

Writer, punk poet, musician and New York fixture Jim Carroll passed away on Friday. Relive his career via words and pictures on fansite by Cassie Carter, including an exhaustive list of his past tour dates. [Catholicboy]

New Amsterdam returned to New York — in miniature. Did you see it? ““If you talk to New Yorkers, they don’t know what’s happening.” [New York Times]

You might have seen these on the East River over the weekend — a fleet of flat-bottomed Dutch vessels in Red Hook! [Lost City]

The San Gennaro Festival returned to Little Italy this weekend. Food, fun and absolute chaos as always! [History of New York]

Today in history — September 14, 1836: Disgraced Vice President Aaron Burr dies in Port Richmond, Staten Island. “The wonderful tenacity with which the name of Aaron Burr holds fast to the memories of the American people who know anything of the Colonial times and the Revolutionary war is the most astonishing fact in the history of a man of questionable habits, whose old age was embittered by the ever-present recollection of one great crime, committed in the zenith of his fame” [1895 recollection of NYTimes archive)

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