History in the Making: Ghosts for Sale Edition

ABOVE Broadway Scares: Wood engraving from 1871. “The ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ apparatus adapted for the stage. The actor’s illuminated shape is projected onto the stage via an inclined plate of glass.” (image courtesy NYPL)

Surreal Estate: On this week’s podcast, we talked about the various ghosts supposedly haunting 12 Gay Street in the West Village. Well, guess what? You can now buy it! [Gothamist]

And while we’re on the subject of ghosts, did the ghost of Patrick Henry really haunt the basement of Brooklyn’s North Reformed Dutch Church? [Virtual Dime Museum]

Well This Is Unexpected: The Grateful Dead arrive at the New York Historical Society next Wednesday. Really. [NYHS]

3D Landmarks: Three-dimensional history courtesy a strange new Google Maps feature. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

Exit Stage Right: Forty years ago today, Broadway shuts down for Vietnam Moratorium Day. [More at Playbill]

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