This weekend: NYC nostalgia, meat men, singularities

The Prince of Mermaid Avenue: Meet the meat man

Some history related activities going on this weekend:

Lost New York, 1609-2009 conference begins today at New York University, and it’s free! Panels will explore “the dynamics of creativity and destruction, nostalgia and invention, that have for centuries marked efforts to ‘Do New York,’ as Henry James advised Edith Wharton.” Featuring writers David Freeland, Elizabeth Bradley, Daphne Brooks and many others. And Saturday afternoon’s “Blogging The Apocalypse: New Media, New Genres and The Literature of a Lost City” sounds especially interesting. [A History of New York]

The Coney Island Film Festival begins tonight, starting with “The Prince Of Mermaid Avenue,” an affectionate look at neighborhood staple Jimmy Prince, owner of Major Meats on Mermaid Avenue. And on Saturday they’re screening The Warriors! Look here for the complete schedule: [Coney Island Film Festival]

It’s a week long celebration of the Manhattan Bridge celebrating its 100th birthday. Check out the details here: [Manhattan Bridge Centennial Celebration]

The curators of next weekend’s Open House New York, where the doors of previously closed New York treasures swing wide open, have posted their schedule of events. You KNOW how these tours and special events fill up, so check them out now. [Open House New York]

Not history related, in fact, quite the opposite: futurists will be flocking to this weekend’s Singularity Summit featuring Ray Kurtweil. The weekend-long conference, being held at the 92nd Street Y, promises to explore “further understanding and discussion about the Singularity concept and the future of human technological progress.” [The Singularity Summit 2009]

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