History in the making – Last Minute Shopping edition

A rush of foot traffic at Macy’s Department Store the week before Christmas, 1942 (photo by Marjory Collins, courtesy LOC)

Upstairs Witih Alice: What’s it like living upstairs to history? Ask Paul Moakley, curator at the Alice Austen House in Staten Island. [New York Times]

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight: The heartwarming story of a Brooklyn boy in 1851 and his three naked chickens. [Virtual Dime Museum]

Deutsch Treat: I have asked this question many times myself: Who goes to Rolf’s, the extravagantly decorated German restuarant near Gramercy Park [Lost City]

Ashes to Ashes: A close look at the Iron Triangle in Queens and its connection to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and the ‘valley of ashes’. [Architakes]

Hanging Out: Fairyland Kiddie Park, Krasner’s Pharmacy and other classic old signs throughout the city, barely hanging on. [Forgotten New York]

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