History in the Making: Sidewalk Talk Edition

DANGER! Found on a Williamsburg sidewalk (Photo by Sean Nowicke. Other contemporary Williamsburg images found here)

The blog is a little slow this week due to us moving our podcast recording schedule up. However I’ll be back on course by Friday, and with a new full-length show with both of us to boot!

Do you want to read the entire script from the classic Christian Bale musical ‘Newsies’ online? Of course you do! [Knickerbocker Village]

Messengers boys for New York’s Postal Telegraph Company: Possibly the most uncomfortable looking group of teenagers in New York City history. [Shorpy]

The many, many faces of New York Santa Clauses, from the 40s and 50s. [Gothamist]

Jeremiah uncovers the Christmas wishes of New Yorkers in 1955: “a mink coat, a Thunderbird car, and a million dollars.” [Vanishing New York]

A haunting look at the Flatiron Building from 1920, and the impossibility of recapturing that allure today. [Flaming Pablum]

New York once had a Thirteenth Avenue. Where did it go? [Ephemeral New York]

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