• Erica Fontana

    We are a public school looking for historical tours of NYC. Does anyone have a low-cost but super engaging tour company who would be happy to take a small group around?

    Thank you!

    • Big Onion Walking Tours definite recommendation my husband and I did a walking tour of Harlem and a Revolutionary War tour. Really good web site . Hope this helps

    • Nate Levin

      Joyce Gold also does walking tours. Have been on two of hers and enjoyed both.

    • David Wachs

      Yes, go to Lower East Side History Project and ask for eric ferrara

    • Jennifer Arnold

      Morris Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights has school tours. This historic private home was Gen George Washington ‘s headquarters in 1776. Later on it was the home of Madame Jumel, the richest woman in NY who married Aaron Burr in 1833. A fantastic place 250 years old in 2015.

  • Dear Tom and Greg!
    I believe to have listened to every single episode of the Bowery Boys in the last 2 years (the ones in the archive as well!)
    I had You “talking in my head” while washing dishes, while tiding up the house, walking to walk and on airplane flights! Thank You so much!

    I’m writing you because…
    Have You seen the documentary film “Finding Viviane Maier”?
    about that guy who found the thousands of pictures of that unknown nanny-photographer?

    Well, the same happened to me!
    But what I found and what I’m trying to save and let the people know about is the work of an incredible engineer of the beginning of the last century: Renzo Picasso (apart from the name, who seems a crazy mix of Renzo Piano and Pablo Picasso!!!). I have hundreds of stunning drawings and documents! What is so interesting about him is that coming from my italian hometown Genoa he visited repeatedly New York from 1916 to 1930… and he got so impressed by “the new American cities” that he started to design skyscrapers and undergrounds for Genoa…
    But the drawings I have of New York are AMAZING (all made at the time of his travels).
    Hundreds of sections of public transport system compared, bridges, traffic lights…
    It’s hard to describe the richness and the beauty of this archive!

    I started an official “webpage” > http://www.renzopicasso.com and
    a facebookpage under the name Renzo Picasso Archive.
    Please have a look!

    Tell me what you think… give me some advice 🙂

    I just published a small selection of what I have here (after having it scanned and digitally “restored”) and I’m getting crazy trying to do things in a proper way (not having lot’s of money, things are always slow and dificult).

    Thank You so much again
    and ciao from an Italian admirer

  • Nate Levin

    Interestingly, I did not see a category for “suffrage”. It is probably fair to say that from 1913 to 1917, NYC was the center of the suffrage universe. When the suffragists pushed New York State into the “suffrage column” in ’17 it was the biggest win–worldwide–that they’d ever had.

  • WhiteStar

    Hi, love your podcasts, don’t change a thing.

    might you consider doing a show on Jacob Riis?
    he pioneered the use of flash powder in order to photograph the poor of the five points area of NYC.
    his wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Riis

    hope you guys never get tired of making new shows.

    • Lori

      I second that 🙂

  • Nicholas Deroche

    In a recent visit to your website you had a photo Hudson River Parkway leading up to the 179th street tunnel/GW bridge and i believe the article was about the High Bridge reopening. I’m really interested in Robert Moses’ highway projects around this time–especially the reconfiguring of the highways for the Trans-Manhattan Expressway and Cross Bronx Expressway and the approach from the Henry Hudson Parkway; do you know where I can find information about this project–or have you guys through of making this a podcast episode? You guys did an outstanding episode on Robert Moses before, but I’d love to get a more in-depth story about this project.

  • Kirk Delaney

    Hello from Ireland

    Just wanted to say that I love listening to the podcasts. Keep up the good work


  • Richard

    Hi guys, just thought I’d let you know that I’m loving your podcasts, listening in New Zealand. Keep up the good work.

  • Paul
  • Kelly

    Hi guys,
    I love your show. My sister lives in Brooklyn and every time I listen to an episode, I feel just a little closer to her.
    After listening to the episode on Mae West, I wanted to suggest an episode on James Cagney. I can’t think of an actor more associated with New York than Cagney. He did it all, from a boxer to a Broadway chorus boy, from the star of all those gangster movies, to an Oscar-winner.
    Just a thought.

  • Maria

    Hey guys, love the show. I do have a suggestion though… slow your delivery a bit 🙂 You guys provide a ton of information, and by slowing down the delivery a bit you make it less overwhelming and easier to absorb. Most podcast fans listen while doing other tasks, and it’s easy to get distracted; a fast delivery requires *really focused attention.* Take a cue from the radio greats (Ira Glass et al.). Other than that, keep it up, you’re awesome.

    Note: I’m listening to shows from the archive right now, haven’t progressed to the new ones. Maybe this comment doesn’t apply to those. If so, disregard! XXOO

  • You gents are wonderful. Segment idea (apologies if you’ve done it and I’ve missed it): “Radio Row” (1921-1966).

    Chrs and keep it up

  • Geoffrey

    Followed Bowery Boys podcast since early days, however feel bad that you guys have one of the same sponsors (the luxury sheet business) as Rush Limbaugh (yech).

  • I JUST got on the podcast bandwagon. Long story short, I can’t remember the last time I listened to music outside of work and I’m always listening to you guys! I gave you guys a little shout out on our latest blog post, too.

    – Amanda from Penny Lane in Buffalo.

  • Daniele

    Hello! – Passing along this article on activist and preservationist, Margot Gayle. Written by Sophia Dembling, for savingplaces.org. Enjoy! https://savingplaces.org/stories/margot-gayle-gotham-iron-willed-preservationist?utm_medium=email&utm_source=NTHP_newsletter_032416&utm_campaign=NTHP_eNewsletter-FY16_Mar24#.VvQ0NRIrKuN

  • Brad Navani

    Greg/Tom- Truly enjoy your podcasts which take listeners back in time to a long lost NY!

    That said, I think a pod cast on the history of the 5 NY Mafia families is long over due. Hope you guys agree.

  • You can sign up for tours of the Garment District by going to the Garment District Alliance website to sign up for a tour. http://garmentdistrictnyc.com/plan-your-visit/walking-tours/
    The podcast on the Garment District is Excellent (minus Karl Lagerfeld who is not American. But otherwise…terrific.

  • Joanne Voorhees

    This photo has been in our family for years. At the bottom it says S.S Jones, 75 Bowery. Wondering if you know if it’s one of the original Bowery Boys? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d6862df4a907f2664127c7f2bfa592fa943cb3e76945f4e5f7a4018c13f68f04.jpg