Music History

Ramones/CBGB fans! Wanna be on the Bowery Boys Podcast? Just call us.

Did you ever see the Ramones play live — either here in New York or elsewhere? Did you ever go to CBGBs during its heydey — to see the Ramones, Blondie, the Talking Heads, Patti Smith or any other artist? Ever have an interesting experience with a member of the Ramones? Help us celebrate the… Read More

Queens History

In 1895 a deadly tornado hit Queens, and the ruins became a tourist attraction

The destructive force of tornado season has made itself abundantly evident in the Midwest this week, and New Yorkers can sometimes develop a false sense of security by the rarity of twister activity here. But tornados do occasionally make their way to the five boroughs. A 2007 tornado in Brooklyn and Staten Island caused widespread damage of the kind… Read More

Parks and Recreation Podcasting Writers and Artists

The Hidden World of Gramercy Park

Need an escape from the world for just a little while? A place where you can be by yourself? We’ve got the keys. Carl Raymond of The Gilded Gentleman podcast and his guest Keith Taillon invite you into one of the most historically exclusive spaces in New York City — the romantic and peaceful escape known as Gramercy… Read More

Adventures In Old New York New Amsterdam Podcasts

The Bowery Boys Adventures in the Netherlands: All Episodes Now Available

Our epic ‘road trip’ to the Netherlands is at an end and it was mission accomplished! We learned so much about New York’s Dutch roots — from the settlement of New Amsterdam to the European settlers who first populated the island which would become Manhattan. Along the way we also found interesting connections — and… Read More

Podcasts Revolutionary History

Aaron Burr vs. Alexander Hamilton: The terrible consequences of an ugly insult

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr met at a clearing in Weehawken, NJ, in the early morning on July 11, 1804, to mount the most famous duel in American history. But why did they do it? This is the story of two New York lawyers — two Founding Fathers — that so detested each other that… Read More

Events Mysterious Stories

The Bowery Boys Live: Ghost Stories of New York TICKETS NOW ON SALE

Yes, I know we’re just now in the height of summer, but for those who are dreaming of cooler days, of pumpkin spice lattes, cheesy skeleton decorations and New York City ghost stories…  Tickets for this year’s Bowery Boys Ghost Stories of Old New York show at Joe’s Pub just went on sale over at the… Read More

Neighborhoods New Amsterdam Podcasts

Haarlem, Breukelen, Utrecht: Exploring New York’s Dutch Roots

Follow along with Greg and Tom in this travelogue episode as they visit several historic cities and towns in the Netherlands — Utrecht, De Bilt, Breukelen and Haarlem — wandering through cafe-filled streets and old cobblestone alleyways, the air ringing with church bells and But of course, their mission remains the same as the past… Read More

Black History New Amsterdam Podcasts Politics and Protest

Finding Peter Stuyvesant (Amsterdam/New Amsterdam Mini-Series)

The name Stuyvesant can be found everywhere in New York City. — in the names of neighborhoods, apartments, parks and high schools. Peter Stuyvesant, the last director-general of New Amsterdam, is a hero to some, a villain to others — and probably a caricature to all.  What do we really know about Peter Stuyvesant? In… Read More

American History New Amsterdam Podcasts Religious History

The Radical Walloons: Amsterdam/New Amsterdam (Bowery Boys mini-series)

Our adventure in the Netherlands continues with a quest to find the Walloons, the French-speaking religious refugees who became the first settlers of New Netherland in 1624. Their descendants would last well beyond the existence of New Amsterdam and were among the first people to call themselves New Yorkers. But you can’t tell the Walloon… Read More

Bowery Boys

Every Bowery Boys History podcast in chronological order by subject

Seventeen years ago (officially on June 19, 2007) we recorded the very first Bowery Boys podcast, appropriately about Canal Street, the street just outside the window of Tom’s apartment on the Lower East Side. That’s right! If our podcast were a person, it would be preparing to graduate from high school next year. (For more information,… Read More

American History Museums New Amsterdam Podcasts

Amsterdam/New Amsterdam: Empire of the Seas (New Bowery Boys Mini-Series)

The epic journey begins! The Bowery Boys Podcast heads to old Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, to find traces of New Amsterdam, the Dutch settlement which became New York. We begin our journey at Amsterdam’s Centraal Station and spend the day wandering the streets and canals, peeling back the centuries in search of New… Read More

New Amsterdam Podcasts

New Amsterdam Man: An Interview with Russell Shorto

The Bowery Boys Podcast is headed to Amsterdam and other parts of the Netherlands for a very special mini-series, marking the 400th anniversary of the Dutch first settling in North America in the region that today we call New York City. But before they go, they’re kicking off their international voyage with a special conversation… Read More

Bowery Boys New Amsterdam

Adventures in the Netherlands: Finding New York’s Dutch Roots

Announcing an epic new Bowery Boys podcast mini-series — The Bowery Boys Adventures in the Netherlands. Exploring the connections between New York City and that fascinating European country, in honor of the 400th anniversary of the first Dutch settlement in this region. LISTEN TO A SNEAK PREVIEW HERE: Simply put, you don’t get New York… Read More

American History Lenapehoking New Amsterdam

The Lenape Nation: Past, Present and Future

Consider the following show an acknowledgment – of people. For the foundations of 400 years of New York City history were built upon the homeland of the Lenni-Lenape, the tribal stewards of a vast natural area stretching from eastern Pennsylvania to western Long Island.  The Lenape were among the first in northeast North America to… Read More

Adventures In Old New York Bowery Boys

In June: A globetrotting Bowery Boys Podcast mini-series adventure

Tom and Greg are out on the road again — and this time, they need their passports. The Bowery Boys are currently recording material for an EPIC new mini-series which will begin arriving to your podcast feeds in June. To get the details now and to follow their adventures, become a supporter on Patreon at… Read More