The Bowery Boys
 Adventures In Old New York


Announcing the first-ever Bowery Boys: New York City history book Adventures in Old New York, a time-traveling journey into a past that lives simultaneously besides the modern city.

This is a history book unlike any other, telling the remarkable story of old New York the port town, the Revolutionary stronghold, the immigrant sanctuary, the Gilded Age city — using places that exist within it NOW. The ghosts of old New York still linger along the small streets of downtown, in the marbled exteriors of aging castles, from the stone outcroppings of Manhattan’s highest points to the secrets beneath its oldest parks.

The Bowery Boys: Adventures in Old New York will be your treasure map to an alternative metropolis, showing you a different side to places you know probably too well and destinations you never thought would be so interesting.

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The Bowery Boys: Adventures In Old New York
by Greg Young and Tom Meyers
Ulysses Press

Authors Greg Young and Tom Meyers have been hosts of The Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast since the summer of 2007, acclaimed as a vital resource for those who love storytelling and history. They recently won the 2015 GANYC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Radio Program/Podcasts (audio/spoken word). Adventures In Old New York also won the 2016 GANYC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Book Writing.