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Since 2007, Bowery Boys Media (Tom Meyers and Greg Young) has been producing history podcasts that are informative, entertaining and often profound, with a dash of humor and a lot of heart. In the original The Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast, which began in 2007, Tom and Greg uncover the great historical mysteries on the Big Apple. In The First: Stories of Inventions and Their Consequences, a new show which began production in October 2016, Greg narrates the sometimes unusual and always surprising origin stories of the modern world’s most iconic objects.


How to listen to The Bowery Boys and The First podcasts

Listen to episodes of both of our podcasts for free in any of the following ways:

1. The most popular way to listen to the show is through iTunes either played from your desktop or your mobile device:

The Bowery Boys on iTunes

The First on iTunes

2. However there are a great many ways to listen to these two shows! Here are a sampling of streaming and downloading sites you can try. Most of these are for iOS and Android so search around to find the player that is right for you:

Cloud CasterThe Bowery Boys / The First

Google Play — The Bowery Boys / The First

Overcast — The Bowery Boys / The First

Player FM — The Bowery Boys / The First

Pocket CastsThe Bowery Boys / The First

Podbay — The Bowery Boys / The First

ShortOrangeThe Bowery Boys / The First

Stitcher — The Bowery Boys / The First

As well as DoggCatcher, Podcast & Radio Addict, Podcast Republic and AntennaPod on Android. If you have Chrome, you can also use SmarterPod.

(We are not yet on Spotify but we should be shortly!)

3. In addition, you can stream all of our shows directly through Libsyn, our podcast hosting service

The Bowery Boys on Art19

The First on Libsyn

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