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The Cow and the Country Boy: The Story of the First Vaccine (The First)

THE FIRST PODCAST   Once upon a time there was a country doctor with a love of birds, a milkmaid with translucent skin, an eight-year-old boy with no idea what he’s in for and a wonderful cow that holds the secret to human immunity.

This is the story of the first vaccine, perhaps one of the greatest inventions in modern human history. Come listen to this remarkable story of risk and bravery which led to the eradication of one of the deadliest diseases in human history.

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Courtesy National Library of Medicine


Image from page 280 of “Dr. Evans’ How to keep well;” (1917)


Image from page 430 of “History and pathology of vaccination” (1889)




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Mr. Young your podcast brought back so many memories for me. My mother maiden name was Phipps. Then how my dad would stand by an old coal burning stove and make lemonade to help with our whooping cough. My older brother had polio at around age seven. Suffered most of his life that ended at age sixty but he was a great man. Thank you.

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