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Aarrgh Privateers and Pirates! Join Greg for the special book event with Eric Jay Dolin


Tuesday, March 26, 6:30pm at the New-York Historical Society (170 Central Park West)

The story of the founding of the US Navy during the Revolution has been told many times, yet largely missing from maritime histories of America’s first war is the ragtag fleet of private vessels that were critical to victory. 

Privateers were privately owned vessels, mostly refitted merchant ships, that were granted permission by the new government to seize British merchantmen and men of war.

The men who owned the ships, as well as their captains and crew, would divide the profits of a successful cruise, although some Americans viewed them as cynical opportunists whose only aim was loot. 

In his book Rebels at Sea, Privateering in the American Revolution, best-selling author Eric Jay Dolin explores the historical distinction between pirates and privateers, showing that the latter were as patriotic as their fellow Americans, and that they greatly contributed to the war’s success.

Eric will be joined in conversation by Greg Young, co-host of the podcast The Bowery Boys. After the talk, Eric will sign copies of his book.


$35 (Members $25)

You can also livestream the event. Get access here.

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