Where the subway ends: neighborhood stations

Above: Outside the Greenpoint Avenue station, Brooklyn

I’m giving a shout out to my old dear friend Lisa Gidley, an accomplished photographer currently living in Portland, OR, who has recently re-introduced her fascinating photography series entitled Station to Station. Since it was a collection done between 2002-2004, it’s now technically an intriguing window into recent changes in the city.

She went to every subway station in the city — all five boroughs — and the results display the subtle flavors of New York’s varied neighborhoods. According to Lisa: “Each photograph was made within a square block of one of the station’s entrances or exits, generally less than two minutes’ walk away. No photo could include the subway station itself. (Elevated outdoor tracks were fair game, though.) All photos were made with a medium-format camera on negative film and printed in a color darkroom.”

Since they were taken between 2002 and 2004, it’s especially fun to see how many things are exactly the same — and others radically different. She’s still in the process of putting up the entire series — one a day! — but quite a lot of them are already up now. You can go to Station To Station to check them out.

Can you guess where these places are?



(and here)

All photography by Lisa Gidley

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