History in the Making: Psychedelic Tunnels Edition

Best unlaid plans: (Above) The aborted additions to the New York City subway system, illustrated on the coolest subway map ever, from 1968. [Map from Second Avenue Sagas]

Exploring, with old maps: The remains of old trolley tracks, the home of Louis Armstrong, and the memories of old North Beach amusement park. [Forgotten New York]

Hoofin’ it: Remembering Death Avenue, the west side cowboys, and the origins of the High Line. [Ephemeral New York]

Who Goes to Sardi’s?: Brooks of Sheffield does. [Lost City]

Begging for improvement: The current mess with the Long Island Railroad recalls a near-disastrous blaze at Chambers Street from a few years ago which underscored the desperate need for equipment upgrades. [Second Avenue Sagas]

Skyline shenanigans: Is the Empire State Building being threatened by a younger, slimmer upstart being proposed for a spot just a couple blocks west? [City Room]

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It doesn’t look like everything was aborted. The 63rd Street Tunnel was indeed built, bringing subway service to Roosevelt Island and creating the “Superexpress” service from Queens Plaza to 71st Street-Continental.

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