Some Bowery Boys stats: Every place but New York

At some point in the next month or so, we will be celebrating the two millionth download of our Bowery Boys: New York History podcast. This is roughly speaking, as our first podcast host from 2007 (when we began) was a little non-specific with its stats.

We’ve grown to have thousands of regular listeners, and Tom and I are overwhelmed and extremely grateful to have you continue to listen in on our tales of the city.

One thing that may surprise you — as it certainly suprised us — is that a little under half of our listeners don’t live in New York City, and a good portion (roughly 10-15%) don’t even live in the United States.

So we extend a very hearty thank you to our international audience, near and far. Here are the top ten  countries, excluding the U.S. based on accumulated downloads over the years:

1 United Kingdom
2 Canada
3 Australia
4 Germany
5 Ireland
6 France
7 Netherlands
8 Japan
9 Italy
10 China

And let’s not leave out our American listeners outside of New York state. Thanks for listening in as well!
1 California
2 Texas
3 New Jersey
4 Pennsylvania
5 Florida
6 Connecticut
7 Illinois
8 Virginia
9 Massachusetts
10 Ohio

(NOTE: For some reason, our second biggest state of listenship is something called ‘Unknown’. So unless that’s a 51st state that I haven’t heard of, we’ve excused that data from the tally above.)

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