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It’s time to shape up New Yorkers! Retro fitness madness

I was perusing the New York State video archives and came across the following 1985 video from the New York State Health Department, a “public service announcement encouraging New Yorkers to exercise.”

Truly a masterpiece of font and graphic art, rendered even more amazing by the mono quality of the tape.


An unrelated by interesting fact about the New York Health Department: They began distributing free condoms for men at New York STD clinics as far back as 1971, one of the first cities to do so (although men in military were provided with free condoms as far back as the 1940s). Once health organizations became aware of the AIDS epidemic in the mid 80s, the department expanded condom distribution to other community groups. By 2008, the New York condom had a ‘fresh new look‘ — embossed with a sleek NYC logo — becoming not only a useful tool, but a tourist collectable!

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