The deadly history of Doyers Street: new on AOL Video

As part of their ‘What Remains’ series, the AOL On video channel is focusing its attention on Doyers Street in Chinatown, and I make a guest appearance here talking about this mysterious street and its gangster past.  This is a brief but very dramatic history of the street known one hundred years ago as ‘the Bloody Angle’. You may remember that we discussed this very notorious curve in our podcast on Chinatown about a year ago.

It’s a pretty dark history, and given recent violent events in the news, you can watch this later if you’re not in the mood. (There’s some simulated gunplay and morbid graphics.) But there are reenactments by actors in costumes and lots of cool old photographs. I narrate some of this piece and make a brief appearance.

As an aside, it would be interesting if one day we could do some kind of video companion similar to this for the podcast. Thanks to AOL Video for inviting me to participate.

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