The First

Listen to the trailer for The First, a new Bowery Boys podcast series

Arriving at the end of the month — a brand new podcast series from Greg Young of the Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast. ‘The First: Stories of Inventions and their Consequences’ explores the people and circumstances around the creations of every day objects and ideas of the modern world.

Even the most ordinary invention often has an extraordinary reason for being.  This is the history of our technological world, one item at a time.  Hopefully you’ll never look the same way at objects that you’ve taken for granted in your life.

The First begins on October 28. Bowery Boys subscribers will get a sneak preview of their show in their podcast feeds but you’ll want to subscribe directly from iTunes as well. The first episode will be up at other streaming servers shortly.

— The First will be released every two weeks on alternating weeks with the Bowery Boys.  Subscribe to both and you’ll have a new history podcast to listen to each week!

— The blog for The First is still under a bit of construction but if you want a clue to the subject of the first episode, check out the rough version of the blog here.

If you’re heard the Bowery Boys’ latest podcast Ghosts of the Gilded Age, then you’ve heard the trailer for The First. If you haven’t gotten to that yet, then you can listen to the trailer here. Enjoy!








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