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Moonstruck: That’s Amore! Love and family in 1980s New York City

“Do you love him, Loretta?” “Aw, ma, I love him awful.” “Oh God, that’s too bad.”

Moonstruck, the 1987 comedy starring Cher and Nicolas Cage, not only celebrates that crazy little thing called love, but also pays tribute to the Italian working class residents of the old “South Brooklyn” neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

Listen in as Greg and Tom recap the story and explore the many real New York City settings of the film — from the glamorous Lincoln Center to the still-gritty streets of 1980s Little Italy.

While the film’s most recognizable location (the mansion on Cranberry Street) is still with us, other places like the Cammareri Bros. Bakery are no longer with in business. 

Should you watch the movie before you listen to this episode? This podcast can be enjoyed both by those who have seen the film and those who’ve never even heard of it.  

We think our take on Moonstruck might inspire you to look for the film’s many fascinating (but easy to overlook) historical details, so if you don’t mind being spoiled on the plot, give it a listen first, then watch the movie! Otherwise, come back to the show after you’ve watched it.

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The Cranberry Street house used in Moonstruck
From the film Moonstruck, corner of Henry and Sackett. Screenshot courtesy On The Streets of New York
The former Cammareri Bros Bakery today.

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