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The Bowery Boys podcast, now in its 14th year. Tell a friend about the show!

This Friday we begin our 14th year of podcasting with a new episode about one of New York City’s most beloved landmarks.

And on January 29, we will release our 350th episode — on a subject which is certain to surprise you!

We’re returned to our regular recording schedule — a brand new episode of the podcast every two weeks.

BUT you’ll still be getting a show in your podcast feed every week thanks to our REWIND series, presenting shows from our back catalog that have renewed relevance to events occurring in our world today.

For instance, our two shows on Penn Station were just recently re-released to mark the opening of the new Moynihan Train Hall.

But these aren’t merely reruns! Most of the REWIND shows will include newly recorded material — either updates to the information or extra bonus stories that we have discovered since first recording those shows.

All shows will be re-edited for a slightly more pleasing listening experience than the first time around. (Hey we’ve been doing this for 14 years! We’ve obviously learned a lot about producing audio since 2007.)

We hope that the Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast is providing you with some needed escapism and entertainment during this unbelievable moment in our nation’s history.


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Thanks and see you on Friday!

Greg and Tom

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2 replies on “The Bowery Boys podcast, now in its 14th year. Tell a friend about the show!”

Hi Greg & Tom! I love listening to your podcast. I was born in NYC but moved to Miami, FL when I was 13. Although I may not be there now, I believe that NYC will always be part of me. I think I’ve listened to all of your podcasts and even got my youngest daughter interested in them. She attended a drama school in NYC and once school was done, she remained in NYC for another 8 years before moving down to Texas where the rest of the family relocated to. I remember on one of my visits, while she was still in NYC, we were walking around and I looked up and said, “Look! It’s the Puck Building! The Bowery Boys talked about this!” Both myself and my youngest daughter have purchased your book. (I read my copy, she still hasn’t started hers.) Keep up the great work on the podcast. I really enjoy them.

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