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Queen of the Gilded Age: The Iron Will and Determined Rise of Alva Vanderbilt

If you’re missing The Gilded Age TV show already, how about taking a look at the life of Alva Vanderbilt (who Carrie Coon’s character Bertha Russell is most certainly based)?

She’s the subject of this week’s episode of The Gilded Gentleman podcast.

The fight for social dominance and acceptance was a battle fought by many Gilded Age wives along with their financial warrior husbands. 

One of the most famous was Alva Vanderbilt who rose to finally make it through the golden portals into Mrs. Astor’s social circle. 

Her iron determination resulted in her daughter Consuelo’s seemingly fairytale marriage to a British aristocrat in 1895 — but none of it was a fairytale. 

Join The Gilded Gentleman for a look inside the story of who Alva really was as a social climber but also as a 19th-century woman.

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