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Ghost Stories of the Hudson River: Exploring Five Haunted Histories

Beware! The ghosts and goblins of the Hudson River Valley have been awakened from their dark slumber.

In this year’s annual celebration of New York urban legends and folktales, we journey up the Hudson River to explore the region’s spookiest stories.

Tales of mystery and the supernatural have possessed the villages and towns of the Hudson River Valley since ancient times, when native tribes whispered of strange places and odd islands one simply didn’t visit.

When Dutch settlers arrived in the 17th century, they brought their own mythology, populating the dark mountains with evil, mischievous creatures. These stories have carried over into modern times and continue to fascinate (and terrify) the residents of this beautiful area of New York State.

The Hudson Highlands, a mountainous range which vexed early settlers and inspired a host of strange stories.

Greg and Tom put on their most menacing and spooky voices to tell several stories of the region including:

A ghost-filled mansion in Nyack, New York that holds a unique place among all American supernatural sites. For the house is legally haunted.

— The unsettling tale behind those mysterious ruins known as Bannerman Castle

— A ghastly death in the Colonial-era Catskills leads to a disturbing life sentence and the appearance of several hellish creatures

— The secrets of Kingston’s Old Dutch Church and an entity which may trapped beneath its holy steeple

PLUS: Who is the Heer of Dunderberg? And why should you run shrieking in fright if you happen to see him on a cold, stormy evening?


Cheryl Crow and Bat Damon wishes you a happy Halloween!

In Superman #42 the Man of Steel and Lois Lane investigate various urban legends in the Hudson River Valley.

The original Reader’s Digest article “Our Haunted House on the Hudson” by Helen Herman Ackley

Photo by Tom Meyers

From the New York Times, 1990:

Francis Bannerman

Image courtesy Green-Wood Cemetery
Photos by Greg Young
Photos by Greg Young
Bannerman Castle, photo by Greg Young

Kington’s Old Dutch Church:


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Good afternoon Tom & Greg, have just listened to your Hallow’een special about the River Hudson. My word, what excellent tales, even in broad daylight in Ripon, North Yorkshire UK, your stories provoked shivers. Thank you again for transporting me across to New York, best wishes to you both. Pat McLennan

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