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‘Burning Gotham’: New audio fiction podcast about Old New York and the Great Fire of 1835

If you’re into radio dramas, historical epics and intriguing tales about New York City, we think you’ll like Burning Gotham, the new podcast produced by The Wallbreakers, weaving the biographies of several real-life New York City figures into a speculative tale leading to the Great Fire of 1835.

On the frigid blustery night of December 16th, the worst fire in city history sweeps through Manhattan

The East River is frozen solid. The undermanned team of volunteer firefighters are no match. Everything south of Maiden Lane and east of Broad Street—the chief merchant district with the highest property value—turns to ash.

The fire causes the modern equivalent of $500 million in damage. The investigation finds the cause to be a leaky gas valve near a lit coal stove at the office of Comstock & Andrews.

But what if New York’s greatest accidental fire was no accident?

The eight-part first season is now available with a new season planned for later this year.

In addition, for a look behind the history of each episode, there are four episodes of Beyond Burning Gotham, providing historical context for the narrative. Episode two of Beyond Burning Gotham even features Greg Young from the Bowery Boys!

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