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Side Streets: Goodbye Chelsea Cinema (and Other Fallen Stars)

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New York City was once famed for its cinemas, but habits in watching movies in a post-pandemic world have forced the closure of many of the city’s most interesting and memorable screens. 

Upon hearing news that the Cineplex Chelsea Cinema (once New York’s largest multiplex) has closed, Greg and Tom race back to their microphones to lament the disappearance of their favorite movie screens and fondly recall their most interesting times at the movies. (Since recording this last week the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 has also announced its closure.)

Among the fallen stars: The Ziegfeld Theatre, classic Lower East Side screens as the Sunshine Cinema, creaky revival houses such as La Cinematheque and rather fragrant Loews Astor Plaza in Times Square

But it’s not all gloom on this show. The Bowery Boys also celebrate the city’s most classic screens that are still open — from the Film Forum to the Paris Theatre. And many, many more!

What is your favorite place in New York City to watch a movie?

Photo by Anomalous_A/Flickr
Image via Union Square Partnership
Photo by Beyond My Ken/Wikimedia Commons

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