Roaring 20s Skyscrapers The Jazz Age

The Chrysler Building and the Great Skyscraper Race

The Chrysler Building remains one of America’s most beautiful skyscrapers and a grand evocation of Jazz Age New York. But this architectural tribute to the automobile is also the greatest reminder of a furious construction surge that transformed the city in the 1920s. After World War I, New York became newly prosperous, one of the… Read More


Ten & Taller: Height Makes Might in the latest Skyscraper Museum exhibition

Skyscrapers feel like constructs of the modern age because their appearances are constantly evolving — from Frank Gehry’s 76-floor twisty, silvery rocket at 8 Spruce Street to the elegant glass monolith of One World Trade Center. But buildings with ten or more floors are an invention of the Gilded Age. Skyscrapers are older than subways, recorded music, and… Read More

Adventures In Old New York

Next Bowery Boys live appearance: the Skyscraper Museum!

This Tuesday, August 16,  join us at the Skyscraper Museum in Battery Park City. We’ll be doing a reading and book signing on promotion of our book Adventures In Old New York, in particular chatting out some of the more unusual skyscraper architecture of downtown New York. Here are more details about that event. It’s a free show… Read More

Bowery Boys

Four Bowery Boys live appearances

Our book  The Bowery Boys’ Adventures In Old New York is officially released around the world this week.  To promote the book, we are making a few appearances in the New York City region. Here are the next four. Please keep checking the website for further announcements and details! (I suspect we’ll have many more… Read More