PODCAST: Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral

We don’t have a new podcast this week, so I thought I’d take an old one and pull a George Lucas on it, re-cutting it, improving the sound quality and taking out some of the dumb sound effects. I guess you’d say — it’s the Bowery Boys remastered!

Here’s our ninth episode on old St Patrick’s Cathedral in Little Italy (or Nolita). Why this one?

Next week the Museum of the City of New York opens their new exhibition ‘Catholics in New York 1808-1946’ so why not go back to the heart of the Catholic scene in the 19th century? Learn about the Hibernians, Martin Scorsese, the naming power of the 90s real-estate market and all those spooky graves.

Listen to it here exclusively:

How St Patrick’s looked before the fire:

And after:

Mourners gathered at old St Pat’s for a memorial to John F Kennedy Jr in 1999

2 replies on “PODCAST: Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral”

Good to see recognition of this beautiful old cathedral. I grew up in the 1940’s and 50’s on Mulberry street and St Pat’s was a big part of my familie’s life. Priest’s use to hold “Stick Ball” games on the church walk (Mulberry St) behind the church rvrry Sunday afternoon, Each neghborhood had it’s own team and competition was the talk of the surrounding streets.Good to see the old church not many New Yorker’s know it exists,

I just discovered your podcast on iTunes. Thank you for recognizing Old St Pat’s because I went to the school and the church growing up. I actually lived on the same block as the school and no it wasn’t NoLIta back then. It was plain old Little Italy and there wasn’t any overpriced botiques or trendy little shops. During the ’70s and ’80s, it was alot of Chinese and Dominican families in the neighborhood.

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