The Singer Building sewn up

More views of the Singer Building, the tallest New York building in 1908 and my favorite pre-Woolworth skyscraper mentioned on this week’s podcast:

The Singer Building was replaced on the New York skyline with the grim, black monolith known as One Liberty Plaza.

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Thanks for this. I’ve been fascinated by the Singer building ever since I read “Lost New York”. I always look for it in old movies that feature the NY skyline.

So strange to see it in color, not long before demolition. I’ve been working on and off on a novel centering on the tower’s destruction, done lots of research but details on the Net are sparse, for my purposes. I’ve seen some pics of the disasembling, but how did they get the whole structure down?

Anyway, I absolutely love your site. Thanks so much, I appreciate the fine and caring work you’ve done here. It feeds the imagination for those of us who love old New York like yourselves. Well done.

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