History in the Making: Fashion Forward Edition

Wealth and elegance mix with Egyptian relics at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 1960 Fashion Ball. Photo by Walter Sanders (courtesy Life Google images) click for larger view

It’s Fashion Week! Seventy years older and still looking good. Check out a brief history on the eve of its final performance in Bryant Park. [Slate]

Did a cyclone drop Dorothy and her house in the middle of Manhattan in the 1940s? What’s that country home doing on 5th Avenue and 48th Street? [Gothamist]

Coming up March 4th: Bowery Boys, the art show! Featuring “the flamboyance of a wild-style bombed train pulling into a subway station in the ’80s to a haunting red opium den from Chinatown in the 1880s,” by Texas painter Rossan Crow. At 18 Wooster Street in SoHo, starting in March. [Deitch Projects]

Corsets, billiards and a full head of hair! The Virtual Dime Museum looks at a few humorous classified ads from a February 1855 issue of the New York Times. [Virtual Dime Museum]

Village Paper, a staple party store of the West Village, burned down this week. Jeremiah does some excellent detective work as to the history of the building — it used to be the venerable bakery Sutter’s — and reveals some crazy conspiracy theories as to the cause of the blaze. [Vanishing New York]

Sunday rings in the Year of the Tiger with a Chinatown ‘cracker show’ this Sunday in Roosevelt Park. The traditional New Years parade will be next Saturday in Queens, and Sunday in Manhattan. [Chinatown Online]

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