Girls on the go! Images from the Library of Congress

Some great images from the Library of Congress, a wonderful resource for historical explorers. The links to the original photographs are under the individual photographs:

February 1912 With the dark shadows of the Third Avenue elevated train to her right, a girl fights the wind to return home with a bundle of coats. These are no purchases; she’s rushing them home “to be finished”, according to the original caption, tailored and repaired by herself or by family members. Photo by Lewis Hine [LOC]

July 1942 A young Queens girls gets an assist from her teacher in making something in clay, while a wall of strange faces looks on. [LOC]

1921 I’ll just let the original caption speak for itself: “Lucy Leffingwell, daughter of Russell C. Leffingwell, and Carolyn Chamberlain, daughter of General J.C. Chamberlain, posed with their horses.” Fancy! [LOC]

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