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Sue Simmons: A Four-Letter-Word-ing Celebration

Shake-up on the set! My favorite all-time New York news anchor Sue Simmons, a part of the WNBC news room since 1980, has been ‘let go‘ from her long-time position, as the network won’t be renewing her contract when it expires in June. One of the highest paid news anchors in New York history, Simmons is perhaps best known nationally for letting loose an expletive during a commercial news tease. I have no idea what Chuck Scarborough is going to do without her.

Here are four videos that encapsulate her resplendent, telegenic glow — and her occasional lack thereof. Plus, I just enjoy watching ’80s newscasts for some reason:

Alive at Five!

Interviewing Kate Bush in 1985 — and getting the name of her song wrong.

Featuring Jack Cafferty and Al Roker!

And of course…..

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