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Twelve great reasons why women do not deserve the right to vote — according to a prominent 1914 anti-suffragist

Suffragists are just women who can’t get a man, according to this postcard. (Courtesy June Purvis/History Extra)

Just as support for women’s suffrage was on the rise by the 1910s, there were equally as vehement opponents to those expanded rights.  The anti-suffragist movement based its objections on several points that adhered strongly to the stability of civilization and the traditional roles of women.

On March 22, 1914, the anti-suffragist Grace Duffield Goodwin laid out several commandments for rejecting the right to vote in a column in the New York Tribune — and in listicle form, no less.  These points are derived from a 141-page treatise she penned entitled Anti-Suffrage: Ten Good Reasons which you can read at the Internet Archives. (One example from the book — Chapter One: The Ballot Is Not A Right)

On this Election Day 2014, I present to you her reasons against the right to vote.  You can read the entire column here.  I’ve interspersed her column with some of anti-suffragist cartoons and handbills of the day, both from America and England:

(Library of Congress)

1) “Because the basis of government is force – its stability rests upon its physical power to enforce its laws; therefore it is inexpedient to give the vote to woman. Immunity from service in executing the law would make most women irresponsible voters.” 

Women were not allowed to serve in juries or in the Armed Forces in 1914, and very few sought out roles in traditional law enforcement.  Goodwin’s thinking is that if women can’t actually enforce the laws, they should not be able to determine the laws.

2) “Because the suffrage is not a question of right or of justice, but of policy and expediency; and if there is no question of right or of justice, there is no case of woman suffrage.”

Goodwin echoes the feelings of many Americans back then that the right to vote and to elect leaders was not a fundamental right of Americans.  Keep in mind that just 125 years before her, many believed that only land-holding white educated men should have the right to vote.

3) “Because it is the demand of a minority of women, and the majority of women protest against it.”

And really, Goodwin argues, women don’t really want the vote anyway.  Goodwin thankfully avoids mentioning many of the offensive characteristics suffragists supposedly possessed.

4) “Because it means simply doubling the vote, and especially the undesirable and corrupt vote, of our large cities.”

Voting procedures in America were already so distorted by corrupt political machines, adding voices to this mix would only make it worse.  Keep in mind that political machines were still greatly in control in most places in the United States, locally and nationally.  Swelling the numbers of voters would only give machines like Tammany Hall further opportunities to corrode the process. (As for the “undesirable” vote, I believe Mrs. Goodwin’s classism is shining through here.)

5) “Because the great advance of women in the last century — moral, intellectual and economic — has been made without the vote; which goes to prove that is it not needed for their further advancement along the same lines.”

Women can simply piggyback upon the decisions made by men on their ascent through professional circles.  Many are already benefiting greatly from this adjacency. So why change anything?

6) “Because women now stand outside politics, and therefore are free to appeal to any party in matters of education, charity and reform.”

Mrs. Goodwin dances around a salient point here — the idea that being outside of politics allows somebody to get things done that would be impossible within the constraints of government. Of course, this isn’t a justification for simply women; today many choose the sidelines as a place to affect change.

7) “Because the ballot has not proved a cure-all for existing evils with men, and we find no reason to assume that it would be more effectual with women.”

She’s being accidentally radical here with the notion that because it’s so broken, why even bother participating in it?  We all think a version of this every year we go to the polls.  It’s the universal notion of my vote doesn’t matter.  Mrs Goodwin uses it here as a justification of avoiding the process entirely.

New York anti-suffragists on a day trip up the Hudson River, May 30, 1913 [source]

8) “Because the women’s suffrage movement is a backward step in the progress of civilization, in that it seeks to efface natural differentiation of function, and to produce identity, not division, of labor.”

This gets to the fundamental argument of both anti-suffragists and anti-feminists — was it even appropriate for women to be given such a role, when nature has given them other responsibilities such as motherhood and nurturing?  A similar refrain echoes through many modern issues today including gay marriage.  Creating laws which obviously go against what is so clearly and naturally delineated by the universe is simply dysfunctional and even dangerous.

9) “Because in Colorado [who had already gave women the right to vote in state elections] after a test of seventeen years the results show no gain in public or political morals over male suffrage states, and the necessary increase in the cost of election, which is already a huge burden upon the taxpayer is unjustified.”

This is another statement which echoes into our current state-vs federal debate of controversial laws.  I suspect many will express similar statements in a couple years over another revolutionary Colorado ruling — the legalization of marijuana.

Socialists win! Courtesy Virginia Department of Historic Resources

10)  “Because our present duties fill up the whole measure of our time and ability and are such as none but ourselves can perform.  Our appreciation of their importance requires us to protest against all efforts to infringe upon our rights by imposing upon us those obligations which cannot be separated from suffrage, but which, as we think, cannot be performed by us without the sacrifices of the highest interests of our family and our society.”

“Our present duties” would include both the traditional basis of womanhood  (including giving birth, raising children and creating a home) but also advanced societal roles in church and charity.  Mrs Goodwin believes these will be detrimentally obstructed if woman had to participate in the political sphere.  And once these roles are compromised, then the fabric of society suffers.

Courtesy Oregon Blue Book

11) “Because it is our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who represent us at the ballot box.  Our fathers and our brothers love us; our husbands are our choice, and one with us; our sons are what WE MAKE THEM.  We are content that they represent us, in the cornfield, on the battlefield and at the ballot box, and we THEM in the schoolroom, at the fireside, and at the cradle, believing our representation even at the ballot box to be thus more full and impartial than it would be were the views of the few who wish suffrage adopted, contrary to the judgement of the many.

In essence, women are represented in government by those who raised them.  They vote when they choose their husbands and instill their values into their children.   To give a woman the right to vote would be redundant and only subjects their vote to corrupt forces.

12) “We believe that political equality will deprive us of special privileges hitherto accorded by law.”

The power that women possess in 1914 America is so unique and instrumental to the current operation of the country that to tinker with this mechanism will only take rights away from women in other spheres.

To equalize women with men in a voting booth will mean equalizing them in places where women have the upper hand.  And we certainly don’t want to upset the apple cart or, in this case, the hen house:

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And yet, so many men decided to vote in Trump as president. You sound like a typical simpleton grasping for any reason to make yourself feel superior. Pathetic.

yeah because Trump was the lesser evil (also note that most women voted Trump as well). Also because what he proposed made sense. It was not touchy feelly but real.

I actually hope that the reason they don’t want women to have rights is not because the want to feel superior.

Because Trump was the superior candidate who opposed the bile that is feminism. You sound like a deluded halfwit who cannot see why the old system was superior because your greed victim syndrome stupidity and endless ego comes in the way. Pathetic.

Well, your profile picture surely does describe what you are; A dumb, scummy pig.

NO, I don’t care how many reasons can be given that women aren’t allowed to have rights, I can give many reasons that men shouldn’t have rights! But I won’t because I believe in GENDER EQUALITY!

really? so men having to die for that right to vote is equality? or is it equality when women almost never choose jobs that are actually useful to society?

The right to vote is given to men under the condition they get drafted if a major war happens. Is a death sentence masked as a right.

If women had equal rights to men then they also can join wars, if you think in those directions you will then realise that when I say ‘equality’ I am not trying to raise women above men. I want them to be equal.

well there are some problems with that. 1. with the exception of women that have an hormonal imbalance women have less upper muscle mass than men 2. think what would happen if a woman had a period or a baby during a combat situation
Yes women participating combat would be equality but the woman body is different than the male body. And that makes them a liability in actual combat. And that is why there are lessened physical tests and training for women. The type of equality you want is impossible because humans are sexual dimorphic species. Men and Women are different but equal as importance. But regardless of what we choose to do until women realize they cannot have contradictory things they will not be happy. You cannot have both a family and a career because both require lots of time so at least one will be neglected. Another realization is that after 30 as a woman your attractiveness drops to 0 and that men do not care about accomplishments when deciding with what woman to stay with. Looks and personality is all that matters. Until women stop trying to be men they will never find happiness.

Okay, lets get this straight, a pregnant woman will not be accountable to go to war, as much as any unable wo/men. Periods are a completely different matter. You are right about one point saying that women have a lower muscle mass compared to a mans but it doesn’t mean she lacks combat skills or athletics. Having a career and a family is only one of a choice, each parent should take a part and people tend to think that the woman takes the family and than man does the job, there is nothing wrong with that but if a woman takes the job the man has to take the family, the only hard concept is when it is a single parent. You also said that women will never be happy if they are trying to be men but what about the other way around? Some women aren’t happy working at home and would prefer some thing else. Women are not trying to be men, it only came out that way because they were allowed to have rights before women.

By eliminating those you eliminate 99% of women. And yes due to lack of muscle mas they do not have combatskills either. But thunk of this scenario: a soldier gets hit by a bullet and becomes unable to walk on his own. A woman will not be able to carry him and both will die. There are other problems as well from women having trouble controlling their emotions. About the woman having the job here is tge issue: if only lousy or physicall jobs are available the woman will not be taking it. For indtance in constructions. So since the man will take any job available to provide fir his family he is the one with the job. 90% of women never wanted to vote or work and they do not want it today. But they were shamed into it by minoritary feminists vexed they could not get a man.

When I said women lack muscle mass that does not mean she is unable to carry a man, I mean how fragile do you think a women is? Humans have emotions and logic, both are used, the many reasons why people think women are too emotional is because in society they are allowed to cry whereas a man isn’t, this is actually really sad because when men express themselves they are acting too feminine but emotions are what make you human. Constructions are not difficult for women, I had a work experience at a girls school that was in a temporarily building and the construction team that was working on their new school was visiting them. Half of them were women, they were going on about how people told them not to study and take on engineering (you are one of them) yet they did and now they are encouraging the students to do the same. You made up a statistic there, 90% of women? Feminists don’t vex other women that they can’t get a man, I have a boyfriend and I am a feminist.

really now? one soldier weights around 100-120 kg. With the equipment it weights around 200 kg. Are you saying a woman can carry that? No, women are emotional because of estrogen. They have made tests and estrogen makes one emotional. Only women shame men on expressing their emotions after they demand it. Also men control their emotions not get controlled by them. And we express our emotions through actions not crying and sharing feelings. Constructions require upper muscle mass. Can I ask what those women did in the construction team? Just curious as there are almost no women in a construction team and you found one with half of them . Also how you define a construction team? What where they doing more exactly? What has engineering to do with it? By construction workers I mean the guys that had to carry heavy materials and build a building from them not engineers. And I am not saying women cannot be engineers but they will most likely be miserable doing this. And no I am not making up a statistic. Happy for you for having a bf. But unless he is a cuck he will eventually leave because one of the main things feminists do is emasculate the man next to them and make them feel like shit. Also we will see if that bf of yours wants more than sex from you or not. Anyway living with a feminists is hell for any man that has any self respect.

I won’t waste my energy on someone who is ignorant, and won’t listen to what I have to say without contradicting himself every time he reply’s. So this conversation is over, but you know yourself that women and men are equal.

1. how am I ignorant when saying a woman will have problems carrying a wounded man in battle conditions. yes I have seen the fireman grappling technique that seems to work with healthy men for 5 meters or so but we are talking about real life versus demonstrations.
2. you did not answer any of my question about those construction worker women.
3. I never said men and women are not equal. What i said is that they have different strong and weak points. They are complementary not the same. And women trying to be men is stupid
4.there is big difference between having a bf and having a husband.

You have a Romanian name and that makes me really sad. Seriously, are you saying that if a woman decides to be engineer then she will be sad? What kind of women did you actually meet in your life? And how cool is to have a pathetic job, or not job at all, and I will be old, so uglier… and the husband decides to leave me for a 20 years younger woman… who is definitely gonna be better looking, no matter what… what do I do then?

1. In what way my nationality is relevant?
2. yes she will not be happy. The reason is that first women do not handle the stress of the 9 to 5 job as well and generally become very irritable as a result and second she will not have time to spend with her family.
3. I have met many types of women
4. No job at all is best if you have a source of money to assure your living
5. 75% of divorces are started by women and generally for trivial reasons
6. as a result of a divorce the woman generally gets half his assets and alimony
7. in 99.99% of cases when men divorce it is generally for one of the following two reasons:
a) the two never had anything in common except they liked to have sex and should have never gotten married . That is why women had to remain a virgin until marriage and the parents had to asses the pair. Love does is not enough if you two think differently
b) she is a hag making his life miserable with reproaches and complaints and nagging and other similar things.
That is because men are kind of lazy. If it is not broken don’t fix it. Being with a new woman requires lots of effort from the man so if the women he is with is ok why would he bother?
8. you do not enter a marriage with the idea you might get divorced. you should never marry someone if you have hose doubts. can always get a job after the divorce.
10. if he divorces you it is generally your fault because either you avoided men you fit and made them “just friends” and then got with someone you had nothing in common or because you have a terrible personality and are unable to respect your husband and be grateful for what he does for you.

As a conclusion I will not be sorry for women too soon because most deserve their fate. It was just their continuous bad decisions that brought them there.

1. it’s not
2. you have no clue what makes a person happy or irritable. I have no clue either. Making generic statements is dangerous. I can just speak from my own experience. I want to contribute to the society, and doing that just by taking care of the house and children would make me extremely irritable. I know a lot of men that are stressed because they can’t provide enough. How is that ok?
3. however, you put all of them in the same pot: ex, they can’t control their emotions. It does not look like you met lots of types. Otherwise you would stay far from generalizations.
4. From where do I get the source of money? Husband? So I should be a kept woman? Do I need to even study, go to school? Or just be pretty?
5. No clue here
6. No clue here
7. a Do the man has to stay virgin as well?
7. b. Ok, however, irrelevant
8. agree
9. Really? what planet do you live? Do you know how hard it is to get a job after not having a job?
10. You really had some bad experiences here… I don’t even know what to say. and yeah, I have no clue about divorce.
I think the last statement can be applied to humans in general.

2. well yes and no. There are things that make everyone irritable because we are all humans and share the same biology: being hungry, tired, stressed. I never said men do not get stressed I said women get more stressed than men by simply having a 9 to 5 job. Have you noticed that all commercials to vitamin supplements that fight against stress are directed at women? ever wondered why?
3. first off just because they are exceptions does not mean a rule is not generally true. Second biology influences a lot of our nature for both men and women.
4. the question was not where to get the money it was if it is better to have a job (i.e. be a wage slave) or not have one. There are many possibilities and are different from person to person: the state, small home business , and yes your husband is a source too. Well, being knowledgeable did not hurt anyone so why would anyone be against it? Also about what to do: how about be supportive? Is very important for a man to have a supportive wife.
7a)it would be nice for him to be a virgin too, yes. There are two problems with having multiple sexual relations: 1. with each one the list of demands increases especially in the case of women; men generally just want a woman that looks nice and can provide good company. we are not that complicated and we do not have that many demands. 2. with each partner the woman releases less oxytocin which is a bonding agent.
7b) is not irrelevant to us. Having a woman criticize everything you do is hell.
9). yes I do know but… you must remember they need you more than you need them. So unless you have high demands from the job you will find one. As I said before jobs are wage slavery masked as privilege.
10) well yes I found that most women today are really ungrateful for what their man does for them. They actually expect it as a tribute.Also in my opinion most divorces are caused by people getting married just based on sexual attraction. From people of different religions or ideologies getting married to how many kids they want, or if they want any and so on. Most couples do not even discuss those things before getting married. Because they are in love and can make it work… bullshit… it may be exciting to be with someone completely different from you but once the sex is not fresh anymore then you find that not having enough things in common will tear you apart.

This statement: “how about be supportive” sums it all. You believe that what the husband does is more important. You are never going to convince me that I am inferior, and I will never convince you to think differently. I am not sure why I even wrote here. The debate is useless, because both of us think we are right, and neither of us is willing to give anything. Have a nice life.

Lora yes because what the husband does is more important because: 1. the woman generally cannot or/and will not do what the man does but what the woman does the man can do and will do if need be (ignoring of course the fact that men cannot give birth of breastfeed) 2. most of the things that man do are hard, threatening to ones health or even life (see roofing). Most house women house chores due to appliances are so simple a child can do them. As Bill burr says: anything you can do in your pajamas is not hard work. I can provide facts research, you just have your hurt feelings. Yes women are less intelligent then men, much less strong, have it harder to concentrate on one task and worse at taking important decisions.
Now I would not call them inferior. This is what you said not I. They are optimized for raising children. Men are optimized for working and leading.

If you do not believe me just switch the house chores with your husband/partner for a week. And we will talk afterwards.

As I said, have a nice life. (no, you did not hurt my feelings –> you don’t matter so that would be pretty damn hard)

I am pretty sure there are many many beneficial rolls a woman could contribute in the military. I’m also sure that the future holds more technological warfare and less ground or hand to hand combat. I would hope our military is smart enough to assign jobs and duties where an individual would be best suited so if you got a bad ass chick send her into battle she can carry your dumbass but of course it would and should be a rare situation. I’m pretty sure aviation weapons technology statistics mapping systems medical procedures and the list goes on and on and on of useful things females can do Equally for our military that require brain over Braun. I actually agree with your way of thinking 100% for the past civilized millennia, unfortunately you men fucked up and began to educate women. Irregardless of the rolls we choose to pursue in life women are intellectually equal to men. So you think a woman can’t control emotions in a professional environment is ignorant and Ludacris. I would say you’re bad experiences with women have been the women YOU choose to be with. Having emotions mixed with decision making policies could be a good thing for the future. Traditionally we’ve kept women out of the decision making in the government and Gee… war after war after greedy war upon war Time and time again. personally I’m tired of it. Your way of thinking assumes a man will do what they’re supposed to as providers hey newsflash… They usually don’t!!! For those that do great get yourself a traditional woman and make babies but for the men who don’t there is feminism! Sorry were not going back.

1. “I am pretty sure there are many many beneficial rolls a woman could contribute in the military” well first off for a long long time to come infantry will be the bread and butter regardless of the weapons. Second even if you are not infantry if your vehicle,mecha(robot suit, tank,etc), whatever breaks you will still have to go hand in hand combat. That being said there are women that can really be effective in combat. but that is probably 1 in 10000 or even less. And you got some extra problems due to the female constitution (periods, peeing sitting down, resistance to war stress, reaction to injury, getting pregnant). As a side note a lesbian woman made a persona as a man and tried to live as a man for a certain period of time. She got herself committed to hospital afterwards due to stress. My point is most women cannot handle the life of a regular man let alone the life of a soldier. And there is another problem. A war can be won by military force and lost by over breeding. if the group you conquered produces much more babies than you soon it will be the majority. Unfortunately we still rely on women to deliver babies so we cannot really afford to many potential mothers dying in combat.
2. ” women are intellectually equal to men” not true. If you go to the upper section of the IQ range men dominate with more than 90% and in any profession not related to child bearing be it cooking,bartender, stem or whatever the top professionals are 90% men. Look it up if you do not believe. More than that the average IQ of an adult male (post puberty) is 5 point above the average IQ of a woman of similar age (I mention post puberty because women enter puberty a few years before men and as a result for those few years their are mentally and physically superior to most men). I do not want to berate women but saying that they are intellectual equal to men is a lie. Yes a woman can surpass a man intellectually but she has to work much more for that because she is fighting her own nature which is optimized for raising children.
3. “you think a woman can’t control emotions in a professional environment” by themselves they cannot. And the main problem is they are never taught to do so. In a genocentric society (and even in most patriarchal ones) a woman does not feel the need to do so. And is something that can be achieved extremely hard once you go past puberty. of course there are exceptions like Margaret Thatcher but they are rare. I cannot give you an exact number but maybe 1 in 100000. The way they can control it is when there is some sorts of bad consequence if they do not. They cannot control it otherwise.
4.”Having emotions mixed with decision making policies could be a good thing for the future” not true and the reason why Picard is not a believable captain in my opinion. When you are in a combat situation as a commander you must be non-empathic. You can feel empathy after the battle is over as much as you like but during those moment you have to be cold and calculated like a psycopath. otherwise instead of 10 men dying you get 500. Is sad but this is how wars are.
5. “you’re bad experiences with women have been the women YOU choose to be with” well if this would be something i observed just in women i had a romantic interest in then I would agree with you but I have seen this in basically every women I met and have had to talk for at least 15 minutes. Emotions always surpass logic. When you tell a woman something she does not like and bring facts and logical arguments expect a shitstorm of shaming, guilt tripping, blame passing and a fountain of tears. And as I said while there are exceptions the majority of women are like that.
6. well wars happened because of women mostly. Men are pretty self sufficient. Thing is when women want x and y they generally do not understand what this implies and many times it implies wars and fights. Just like a kid cannot understand why his parents did not buy him the new toy every kid in class has because he does not understand how money works most women cannot understand what a number of things imply and that the state does not have any resources in itself and it has to get them somewhere either by taxing the population or from someone else through war.
7. “Your way of thinking assumes a man will do what they’re supposed to as providers hey newsflash… They usually don’t!!” well generally if they do not the state comes in and forces them to through alimony and so on. Well except for black people and minorities because they do not care that much if they go to jail. Believe it or not the state will jail a man that does not provide for a woman if she demands it even if the man had nothing to do with her.
8. Well I do not know what you mean by traditional woman but i suppose you believe the feminist lies. Here is how traditional women really were before feminism:
a) if the family was poor then the man and woman worked side by side so that they would not starve and have something to feed the kids.
b) if the family was middle class as we now call it, the woman stayed at home and took care of the babies and the house while the man worked.
c) if the family was rich or really rich the man worked or dealt with business while the woman stayed at home and entertained herself while the children and the house chores were done by servants.

now here is how things go in a household where the woman is a feminist regardless of the income (but usually the income makes the family middle or upper class) :
a) both the man and woman work full time jobs
b) the income for the man pays the bills: electricity, water, taxes, changes and reparations to the household, most of the food, etc. The income from the women is spend 95% on herself in the form of clothes, shoes, dinners at restaurant , girls night out, cosmetics,babysitter (and yes I call it money spend on herself because she does not want to stay with the child(ren))
c) the husband has to help her with her chores be it cleaning, taking care of the baby, making food , etc but the woman does not help the husband with his house chores be it roofing (fixing the roof), plumbing,electricity, moving furniture and so on.
d) despite all the above points she has to make the decisions in the house at least 75% of the time otherwise she will nag the man until either he hits her (jail time for him) or he does what she wants.
e) the woman can choose what the man wears the man cannot have an opinion on what she wears unless is a compliment.
f) the man is forced to limit his time with his friends she is not even if he most of her friends are ex boyfriends
g)the man is shamed if does something he enjoys doing especially if it is something he enjoys doing without her. (the classic “You are x and you are still doing y. What kind of man are you?”)

And the list goes on. now I wonder: what kind of sane man would want to be in this type of relationship? Men are smarting up about the whole marriage thing and will only accept women that agree to behave. I have no problem with feminists as long as they do not start preaching and screaming on the streets their hateful ideology. You can die alone with your 12 cats as far as I care just do not try to change stuff that affect me!

What planet are you from? Your so called statistics are totally worthless & I note you don’t provide sources.
“90% of women don’t want to vote of work”? In what universe?

on this planet. There is a real history hidden from the mass. Now in WW1 is I am not mistaken the big companies forced women to replace the place of men in factories (prolonging the war for years and increasing the number of male deaths) trough propaganda and shaming. this was sold as a way to help their husbands when in fact it killed them. When the men returned from war there where too many workers for the number of jobs. More than that at the time most men did not have the right to vote. You should document yourself from non feminist sources as well.

You are NOT equal to men !!!! .Take a look around you .Open your eyes.You are NOT… I repeat equal to men and…. you never will be.Your strength and independence comes from the state.In other words,for you to be strong and self sufficient….in your mind..the government gives you money,abortions,medical care ,and your ex husbands hard earned money.I’m not trying to be mean,,,just truthful.

this just isnt true. men help women with money because they want to not because its the family’s only choice. god created two beings. the men were tough and strong to fight and hunt. the women were clever and skilled to make clothes, raise children and make dinner for their family. Until modern times made it an issue, both genders were equal. Just because they have different roles does not mean one bests the other.

Women should be forced to shave their heads in the military.Apparently this is all selective ,convenient equality.

Every woman I have spoken to knows only 2 things about politics.Their reproductive rights and immigration ..This has been the downfall of the country since 1917.

All men in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 are required BY LAW to register for Selective Service, aka the military draft, which in times of major war can result in said able-bodied men being drafted into the armed forces, and they cannot say no without going to jail. Not registering for Selective Service elicits various consequences for a man, including the inability to vote, be employed by the federal government, or receive financial aid for higher education. That’s right, a man who doesn’t register for the draft in this country cannot vote in its elections or receive financial aid to attend college. A woman on the other hand, can vote, work for the government, and go to school free via federal grants all upon turning 18, and she DOES NOT have to register for Selective Service to be forcibly drafted in times of war.

Women are given all the privileges of a democratic society, including the right to vote, WITHOUT being shouldered by any of the regulations that men are. I suggest you check YOUR privilege.

And I never said that men should die for the right vote, maybe you should look up what ‘equality’ even means.

So no one should be drafted? Great, we lost the war against Islam and now women defacto can’t vote. Also your word is worth half a man’s. Also, here’s your new beekeeper suit to wear anytime a man is present. Also, if you don’t wear the burka we’ll throw acid on you or stone you to death.

Actually I don’t wear an burka, niqab or a scarf, I choose not to. Don’t take the media for an example of Islam, those who throw acid on women are disgusting people who think they know how to practise Islam. I don’t need to wear a beekeeper suit every time a man is present, a man should learn to control his actions.

That’s an opinion, not a fact. You look at the women around you, and you feel as if they are childish. Do you have any actual proof?

I just gave you proof you vapid thing, you’re nothing but a set of holes. As soon as your holes are obsolete you are worthless to any man.

If you think artificial wombs won’t be a thing in the future you’re lying to yourself. Men would rather impregnate a robot than your average set of holes.

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that’s sick that you think that. The fact that you think women should be property even though they are human beings just like you except for the fact they don’t have a little 3 inch hot dog hanging off of them like a parasite.
you are disgustang

Women and men may be different but they’re also equal. Women are as cape able of a man in voting. Did you guys know the person with the highest IQ in the world is a woman? Sure there are some differences but being a stay at home parent to take care of children can be done by a man or woman same as being in the army, or as being a professional athlete, or even being an astronaut. Women and men are equal and different but being different doesn’t make it so you’re better or worse than a man.

Jesus Christ, thank you. I think women should be able to do whatever they want without men oppressing them. There is no reason that a woman can’t be more emotionally, intellectually, or physically than a man either, no matter how hard we have to work to do it.

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