The Deuce

Eleven bits of historical trivia from this season of HBO’s ‘The Deuce’

So what do you all think of the HBO’s drama series The Deuce, set in Times Square in the early 1970s? Sexually explicit but literate, with a modern viewpoint that gives rich, nuanced characterizations to women, The Deuce performs a unique negotiation between romanticizing the 42nd Street sex trade and condemning it. Whether or not you connect with the narrative — not every beat hits; in the continuum of David Simon projects, this is more Treme and less The Wire — you can’t deny its excellent achievements in production and tone. And Maggie Gyllenhaal, in particular, gives one of the year’s best performances. (Props also to Gbenga Akinnagbe, bringing a harsh richness to his role of the pimp Larry Brown.)

We devoted an entire show a few weeks ago to this era as a tie-in to the series. Give it a listen if you haven’t already! We’re proud of that show. Some true ‘forgotten history’ needless to say.

The final episode broadcasts this Sunday. For the past few Sundays, I’ve been Tweeting along with the show, throwing out little facts and trivia of things that get referenced in the show. No plot spoilers though! The Tweets have mostly to do with historical context and production details.

Here are a handful of Tweets from prior episodes. Check in with @boweryboys this Sunday to see additional 1970s trivia relating to the show.

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