The Alienist

Love history trivia? Follow The Bowery Boys on Twitter during episodes of TNT’s The Alienist

We love it when television shows are set in New York City history — Mad Men in the 1960s, The Knick in the 1900s, Copper in the 1860s, Turn: Washington’s Spies in the 1780s. So how can we say no to TNT’s new limited series The Alienist, a mystery thriller (based on Caleb Carr’s book of the same name) set in New York City in the 1890s?

During the initial broadcast of each episode (the first airing Monday night at 9pm EST/8pm CST), we will doing our tried-and-true ‘tweet alongs’ (@boweryboys), dropping historical context into the mix using the hashtag #TheAlienist.

Our Tweets won’t be super-spoilery (in case you’re watching the show later) but will speak contextually to situations, settings or personalities featured in that week’s program. It’s a fun way to bring history to life and an addictive way to watch your favorite shows — if you happen to be a history nut like us.

(For an sample of Bowery Boys tweet-alongs in the past, check out these entries for Mad Men and The Deuce).

And have you heard our Alienist-themed podcast episode on McGurk’s Suicide Hall?


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