At Home in New York City: Stories from Our Listeners

EPISODE 326/327 Two special episodes featuring the listeners of the Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast!

What makes New York feel like home — whether you live here or not?

What is that indefinable connection that people make with the city? Why do so many people feel a city as large as New York speaks to them personally? And when can you finally say you’re a true New Yorker?

We asked our listeners to tell us about feeling “at home in New York,” about that blend of familiarity and nostalgia. Thanks to the presence of New York City in so many films, books and television shows, it’s an emotion that can be felt even by those who live elsewhere.

Well the listeners delivered — in a wonderful abundance of voicemails and emails.

In PART ONE we hear from three groups of New York City lovers: the native New Yorkers, the commuters and the frequent visitors.

In PART TWO we’ll hear the tales of the transplants, those who, in the words of E.B. White, “came to New York in quest of something.” And stories from those native New Yorkers who have moved away but keep a part of the city with them always (and in a couple cases, we mean this literally.)

ALSO: How the residents of New York City come together in crisis times.

Featuring the ‘origin stories’ of both Tom and Greg, both of whom moved to New York City in the early 1990s. It took both the simple pleasures of urban living and major traumatic events to turn them into New Yorkers.

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Original picture at top courtesy Kozak4512/Wikimedia

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I have memories of visiting my father at the kosher slaughter house on Johnson Avenue when I was younger than nine and we were living in the Williamsburg (Projects) now known as the Williamsburg Houses. I have
lots of stories.

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