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Capturing History: Ric Burns and James Sanders on “New York: A Documentary Film”

In today’s episode, Tom discusses the vast span of New York history with filmmakers and authors Ric Burns and James Sanders, creators of New York: A Documentary Film.

Tom, Ric and James discuss the 8-part documentary (which aired on PBS in installments in 1999, 2001 and 2003) and its newly updated companion book, “New York: An Illustrated History” (Knopf, 2021).

What were the guiding themes of telling New York’s story, the greatest events and characters, and the challenges Burns and Sanders faced as they covered 9/11 and, for the final installments, COVID and other current events?

LISTEN HERE: An Interview with Ric Burns and James Sanders

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4 replies on “Capturing History: Ric Burns and James Sanders on “New York: A Documentary Film””

Watching PBS Documentary this week. I remembered that I had watched most of it before, however truly enjoying and learning again. btw, since I started reading and listening to The Bowery Boys, I seem to understand it better.

I cannot find it on my PBS app, and I renewed my local PBS passport this week. Am I looking in the wrong place? I really enjoyed it the first time and used to own the VHS, but I thought the interview mentioned it was available on PBS. I realize you are not tech support but it might be something easy I am missing here. Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.

Hi Ed,
Sorry for the confusion. It’s the “PBS Documentaries” channel through Amazon Prime Video. If you search for that, you should find it.

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