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A Gilded Age Tour Up the Island of Manhattan with Keith Taillon

Carl Raymond of The Gilded Gentleman podcast presents a fascinating tour through over 100 years of New York history, showing how the Gilded Age developed and evolved from an architectural and urban planning point of view. 

He’s joined by guest historian and tour guide Keith Taillon (@keithyorkcity), taking listeners on a journey explaining how key Gilded Age neighborhoods became established and grew. 

Some tour guides and historians have said that to understand the early history of New York, just follow the population’s migration up the island of Manhattan during the 19th century before all the boroughs consolidated.   

Historian and tour guide Keith Taillon takes us on a virtual tour and discusses how wealthy neighborhoods like Washington SquareGramercy ParkMadison Square and of course the “gold coast” of Fifth Avenue all developed and what factors contributed to how it grew the way it did. 

Along the way, Keith discusses many well known figures such as Astors and Vanderbilts as well as some lesser known but important trendsetters such as the outrageous Mamie Fish and  groundbreaking (literally) Mary Mason Jones. 

After this show, you’ll never look at Manhattan or the Gilded Age in quite the same way again. 

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