Those Were The Days

How well can you do on this New York history trivia quiz — from 1914? Prepare to be a little frustrated.

No amount of studying will prepare you for some of these odd questions.  (A girl at Seward Library, photographed by Lewis Hine.)Trivia quizzes are very popular today in bars and pubs throughout the city, but in the past, they’ve had more elitist purposes.  In November 1914, a group of possibly insecure ex-New Yorkers in Chicago… Read More

The Bowery Boys: New York History Trivia Night returns!

Our trivia night last fall, brought to you in association with the Municipal Art Society, was such a wild success that we’re bringing you some new rounds in a new location! The Bowery Boys are your masters of ceremony for the second lively MAS evening of New York City trivia: history, architecture, culture, and more.… Read More