Man(hattan)’s Best Friend: The Pictures

As a supplement to this week’s podcast, here’s a few pictures of the furry friends featured in our review of New York’s most famous pups.

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A sketching of one of the first Westminster Kennel Club dog shows, as frantic and wacky as they are today:

Here’s where the ‘magic’ began in 1877:

This year’s winner, Diamond Jim, in a victory lap at Madison Square Garden.

Snoopy in one of his better Macy’s ensembles:

The first floating dog in the parade, here looking rather menacing:

This is Bear, taking a break from the grim work down at the World Trade Center:

Dozens of search and rescue dogs were employed to help find survivors and maneuver through the impossible amounts of debris:

Buddy, America’s first seeing-eye dog, in her first Manhattan photo shoot:

Sandy, show business’s hardest working canine, shown here with two cheesy humans:

Heroic Balto, as seen in Central Park ….

and as he looks today, in a case, at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

This dog has nothing to do with New York City, we just wanted to post his picture.

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