Bowling Brooklyn-style: 100 years ago

The late-night scene at Subway Bowling Alley in Brooklyn, in 1910.
Take a look here for a brief history of Manhattan bowling alleys.

By the way, Bowling Green in Manhattan? Yeah, they originally bowled there.

Pic courtesy Library of Congress

PS — The caption indicates the bowling alley was at 65 South St. in Brooklyn. I am not personally aware of a South Street in Brooklyn. Sound familiar to anybody? If it was at South Street in Manhattan, that would plant it smack-dab in front of Pier 11.

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Hmm, that’s quite the mystery, but I feel like wherever it was it did have to be close to the water, because of the mural behind them.

My guess is the Brooklyn Navy Yards. There IS a South Street there and with that ship filled mural in the back I think it’s a safe bet.

P.S. I still think the building at the end of After Hours isn’t the Met Life Tower, but rather the Met Life North building; specifically where the restaurant Tabla is today.

You guys might already know this, but the photographer is Lewis Hines of whom you’ve already done a little summary. I missed that post and didn’t realize who he was. Very interesting character! Enjoyed reading about him very much. For fans of Shorpy they might interested to know that they got their name from one of his heartbreaking photos.

Amazing, sad photos, but I can’t help saying that Shorpy Higginbotham is an amazingly awesome name. I’m pretty sure that’s been the name of a D&D character somewhere at some point and time.

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