Fifty years ago: high school dropouts roam Manhattan!

“A view of a boy hanging out in a tenement and shabby residential street sections.” From a classic Paul Schutzer photo series on high school dropouts, taken April 1960.

Check out the whole series of images here here. And if you want to venture into the artice itself, part two can be found here. High school dropouts are people too!

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Had trouble finding the image files, so I searched Paul Schutzer and High School Dropout on Google Image Search and came up with all the shots. I’m about 99% sure the photo you use was taken on the ‘shabby streets” of none other than Park Slope! In a shot of the same dropout, he’s across the street from the old Manual Training HS (former John Jay HS, etc. etc…) on 7th Ave btw 4th & 5th Streets.

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