History in the Making: Earth Day Edition

Earth Day 1970: Girls in Union Square take a sweep at pollution. Photo courtesy AP and National Geographic (who has many more pictures of the environmental holiday’s first year

John Lindsay’s “secular revival meeting,” the first Earth Day, has turned into booming business. [New York Times]

Coney Island’s Luna Park will return next month! Or will it? [Kinetic Carnival]

Herald Square in the 1950s, gazing up from Greeley Square. Worth noting are the funky, clownish-looking taxicabs. [Ephemeral New York]

Part two of Forgotten NY’s exhaustive, beautiful survey of Tottenville, the southernmost city of New York City. [Forgotten NY]

And President Obama speaks at Cooper Union today on financial reform. Listen to our podcast on Cooper Union [find it here] to discover what other presidents have spoken here.

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